New York Model in the Big City

As a New York model, what a glamorous life it is growing up in New York City. The Fashion Capital of the World. NYC never sleeps. No other feeling like it.
My Friends around me encouraged me to pursue a Modeling Career in the City.
I signed with a Top Agency, where I started to do junior modeling, some editorial and commercial print. The rest is history.

I started my modeling career as a Blonde, but my Mom was so upset that I had too much sophistication with a particular style. I had to change several hair colors. As a result, I submerged into different looks, which recreated my modeling image over and over again. Consequently, I reinvented myself with a different style and image; therefore, a different job market became available.

In NYC, I was hanging around with kids of the Elite. They were about eighteen years old at the time and I was a fourteen-year-old Top New York Model.

When I was a very young, New York model, my girlfriends and I would go shopping in Bloomingdale’s on Lexington Ave; usually, their favorite designer was Chanel. Seems like their handbags and clothes were Chanel as well.

This particular period of my life was very exciting, I would go on double dates with my girlfriends as I looked about eighteen years old, which was because I was tall and thin. We would go to Top Clubs, at the time, I managed to obtain a different I.D. The sophisticated make-up helped to make me look older beyond my years.

My parents were shocked to see that I was dating a young boy; he would kiss me in front of our door–I didn’t know my folks they were looking through the peep-hole. I suppose fourteen years old is a bit too young to go on dates.

Being encouraged to become blonde by some of my outgoing friends in New York City,
I secretly snuck into the bathroom when my mom was sleeping and poured a bottle of peroxide on my hair. It was not that noticeable the next day—only a few kids at Junior High said I had blonde highlights. Then the next evening, I decided to do another bottle, so I took out another bottle that I had bought and combed it through my hair.
In the morning, I put on a yellow dress and came out–my mom was in shock. Well, I guess it turned out brassy yellowish.
She confronted me and was in pure distress. She said the yellow dress was not the best thing to wear with blonde Hair. I had to admit what I had done.

The hairdresser did a correction on my hair. It came out lovely and very classy, but it looked rather grown-up.
I swept it up in an updo. That evening I discovered my Mom’s foundation and mascara and tried it out, it looked great. I was ready to be a top New York model.

New York Model Blonde

The Modeling Agency gave me some print work–they loved the idea of my fourteen-year-old fresh face painted with make-up; that was the trend. Young and made-up. Although the following week I was given a direction by my parents to get back to something more natural, Brunette.

My Mom was distraught that I looked too sophisticated with that particular style, so she said I should change my hair color to brunette—at the time, my hair was a Dirty Blonde.
I tried changing it to a brunette–it simply wasn’t me.
Well, I was forced to do that–so I became the girl next door which gave me more work as a New York model. The Modeling Agents again gave me work for that type of commercial print and product advertisement ads.

I wasn’t crazy about this look, but Mom was pacified, so I was content to live with this boredom for a bit.
I finally I talked my Mom into allowing me to become a redhead….at first the Brunette hair had Red Highlights, and then over time, I gradually changed it to Lighter Redhead.

I had a lot of modeling jobs for Junior Types, and I was a size Zero when working as a New York model.
Then became a Two—-my mom didn’t particularly like the fact I was a Twig.
So she tried to get me to begin taking weight gaining medication. I should have rebelled at the time.

I did take it thinking maybe it would go into the breasts. But I had no such luck.
I gained weight and became a size four… just wasn’t me, and I didn’t like my new look.

So then I dumped the pills and went back to my size two dresses and jeans.
Well, I suppose parents have a different image of what their children should be.
I was a skinny Redhead, kind of on the perky side….yes, I got some fashion work and romance covers.

Then our family moved to California and time passed by, and I was told by a famous
Modeling Agent that I should become blonde again. When I did, I hit the success mark.
It was like I was born to be blonde

There are offers for modeling assignments and some of them included traveling to other States, while others were hosted overseas.
I just love Europe; London, Paris, and Rome are so full of culture with a distinct atmosphere.
Brazil’s Rio is both exotic and charming. I love the mystery involved when discovering these new places.

It’s fair to say that my love of travel has become an addiction.
I love the thought of traveling to new places.
The career itself is exciting, but traveling to exotic destinations is a bonus.

The glamour of growing up in New York City where I started and those friends around me propelled me to try this lifestyle.
I become addicted to its Glamour and excitement as a top New York model.
New York City is definitely the capital of Top Fashion with all the skyscrapers and editorial offices of Top Magazines.
But I am based in Los Angeles and I have a more Glamour Model Look, which is due to my measurements of 34DDD-23-34.

But I enjoy being who I am with a more rounded look.  Currently doing Glamour Modeling and living in Beverly Hills, Ca,