My Vip Modeling Roots

My particular roots are an Upper-Class Family. I  grew up in NYC.  A city that everyone knows for incredible culture, sophistication, and worldliness. One could say I am a product of my environment.   My Vip Modeling Tastes include: walking down Fifth Ave, Shopping in Bloomingdale’s, Dining in the Russian Tea Room in NYC.  Frequently I get spoiled by being taken to Plays on Broadway and visiting the Museum of Metropolitan Art.
I currently live in Beverly Hills, California. I stroll down Rodeo Drive.

NYC is considered the nation’s Top Leader of the Fashion and Glamour industry. Having come in direct contact with this world has cultivated my worldly tastes.  In my teens, I remember my girlfriends were all running around Fifth Ave, shopping and having great time buying their designer clothes. I distinctly remember one–her father was a Magazine Editor. I was in awe of her lifestyle. Natalie was very exciting.  We would go shopping in Bloomingdales or Saks Fifth Ave.
She would buy a coat and say “Now I need a dog to match this coat. ”

During the Christmas Holidays, every weekend we would go ice skating in Rockefeller Center.  Where we would meet many interesting people who would chat with us from all walks of life. I have the most exciting memories.At this time, I decided it was time for me to become a Model. New York City Agency signed me up. The rest is history.

NYC ModelI am a Published Model who enjoys these Modeling Assignments and traveling to new and exciting places. The process of discovery and learning from others is very rewarding.  One could say I am a Jet-Setter as I have been to many exotic locations such as Rio, Brazil and Europe. While I enjoy worldwide travel. I  also discovered many great people in the United States, with different styles and tastes in life.  Working with all the wonderful artistic photographers, stylist and people I meet on a professional basis is very rewarding.

Being photographed and styled correctly is a passion. I was lucky to inherit my mothers genes and her beauty.  Photographers tell me I am very photogenic.I am addicted to creating modeling art. You will find I am an avid lover of Art and Beauty. My friends say that I am an Art Connoisseur going to museums upon my travels. I tend to study beautiful photos of ladies elegantly dressed in magazines and lingerie and swimsuits; it has something to do with my background in art.  I love the glamorous lifestyle  which seems to fit in with Elite Tastes of the Upper Class Standards of Society. They tend to understand and enjoy me as a person.

Although New York has more sophisticated ideas regarding the Print and Fashion Industry,  Los Angeles has a laid back Casual Chic. I enjoys both concepts, although my specialty  leans toward Lingerie and Glamour Print.In Los Angeles, one may find me dining out in fine restaurants and dressing up–can’t help that I was born to be Eye-Candy. In Malibu, I enjoy the day having lunch in one of the fine restaurants there.  Afterwards, I either go cycling or take a walk on the lovely beaches.Yes, its true I do love the taste of Champagne and Caviar, its’ totally Me. My favorite street in the World is Fifth Ave but I must say Rodeo Drive is my second favorite. I enjoy the casualness of Los Angeles and stylishness of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica’s picturesque scenes and the lovely beaches of Malibu.

I enjoy the uniqueness of both coasts.

I would love to hear from my wonderful Fans…