Modeling Fascinates Me But Acting Intrigues Me

Elite Los Angeles Model


The Modeling World intrigues me. I started getting acting assignments as soon as I signed up with one prominent Agency here in Los Angeles. Hollywood is such a glamour capital, with many beautiful people.
The Following project I have worked on only a few of them are listed here:
The cover of LAVISHLY Style Magazine, S&G Magazine, Stare Magazine. Cover Girl: Body Rocking Magazine, Theeroticarts Magazine, Dreamvixens Magazine, Body Rocking Magazine, Fievre Magazine, Morgan Taylor Jewelry, Fredericks of Hollywood Lingerie, Secret’s in Lace, Travel to Catalina (film), General Hospital (television), And also, Bobbie Brooks Swimwear, Boudoir Photography (film and fashion), In Search of Marilyn (Japanese movie), Everything Goes (television), Young and Restless.


The best piece of advice I am receiving is from a prominent veteran acting coach who says:
“It’s best not to be boring; people enjoy watching a character. Either a bitch or a dumb blonde”. For acting, I studied the Meisner technique and also Stanislavski. I find one has to combine them.
I learn from doing and making it fun. However, my acting career was interrupted by personal issues. Unfortunately, my boyfriend, at the time, was very demanding of my time and lifestyle. Unfortunately, under stress, I took his advice. But in life, one has to live with the idea of what we want to achieve.

I received another piece of advice from a prominent Hollywood Ladies Man I was romantically involved. Also, from a well-known actress that moonlighted as a companion. Yes, people from some controversial background have an exciting and essential knowledge.

My Vip Modeling Roots

VIP Model
My particular roots are an Upper-Class Family. I  grew up in NYC.  A city that everyone knows for incredible culture, sophistication, and worldliness. One could say I am a product of my environment.   My Vip Modeling Tastes include: walking down Fifth Ave, Shopping in Bloomingdale’s, Dining in the Russian Tea Room in NYC.  Frequently I get spoiled by being taken to Plays on Broadway and visiting the Museum of Metropolitan Art.
I currently live in Beverly Hills, California. I stroll down Rodeo Drive.

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Modeling in Los Angeles

Black Lingerie

I am addicted to being photographed and modeling in Los Angeles. Something about posing for the Camera excites me. Los Angeles is a great city for modeling.  Although I think, NYC is number One for Modeling. It’s fulfilling the excitement of creating a great photo, I just love it.

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Los Angeles Vip Model

Elite Los Angeles Model

Tiffany Champagne
models in various projects of Editorial, Fashion and Commercial Print and has worked with some of the most renowned top photographers in Los Angeles as well as in other parts of the World.  Read more