Modeling in Los Angeles

I am addicted to being photographed and modeling in Los Angeles. Something about posing for the Camera excites me. Los Angeles is a great city for modeling.  Although I think, NYC is number One for Modeling. It’s fulfilling the excitement of creating a great photo, I just love it.

ClassyR-108My mother couldn’t handle me when I started my modeling career in NYC. She just didn’t like the heavy make-up on me as a teenager. She especially became very upset when an agency told me to redo my mousy hair to blonde. Everyone said I looked sensational. Most likely it was too noticeable. I loved going out with my other Super Sexy Sophisticated Friends, and we went shopping on Fifth Ave. Going out at night with these older models was so much fun, of course, I had to Fib about being older. It was a time for me about the experience and about the Glamorous life at such and early age. My parents had a real bad time with my adventures.

Finally, my folks told me to undo my blonde Hair. So I ultimately became a redhead for a while. A change of hair color reinvented me again and gave me more projects. Mom was happy again.
Since projects do require a different look from time to time.

Then I came to Loss Angeles where the market was somewhat different–more casual feeling but there is variety of different modeling projects in Los Angeles from Editorial to Fashion  depending on the needs of the assignment. This was the time I was with Playboy Models and it was suggested I become a blonde. Again, I became blonde and happy now nobody could tell me otherwise.

I love the Glamour and Editorial Jobs and enjoy modeling the Swimsuits, Lingerie and some Erotic or Pin-Up Modeling. Creating different looks depends on the mood of the projects. I sometimes think of different situations, and the mood emerges.  Knowing how to pose as a model should come naturally, or study it until it becomes second nature.

It helps a great deal when the photographer talks to me and I find something funny and amusing or interesting.   Just think as soon as you get in the mood with the right expression the camera goes off at the peak of the mood. Bingo a great photo.

Some say being a model is like being a statue or a mannequin, but I think if one is Happy doing it–that is what counts.

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